Levi’s Brasil X DOD Alfaiataria 'LOOK - Olhares Através da Moda

Levi's Brasil

To celebrate 150 years of the first model of jeans of history, the Levi's brought together four Brazilian designers together on the project LOOK - Looks Through Fashion . The initiative pays homage to the brand's history and delves into Brazilian creativity. The designers left their mark on the classic 501® in the project that began in August and runs until November.

The participating designers are contemporary references of creativity in Brazilian fashion: Rafaella Caniello, from Neriage , Jubba Sam, from Dod Alfaiataria , Tom Martins, from Martins and Will Cypriano of Cypriano .

The unique signature of the professionals was left through the upcycling . "We here at DOD thought about reusing pieces that could be sitting in the wardrobe. The big thing was: dismantling everything, because it is fabric in the form of clothing, transforming it into fabric again. [...] We dismantled everything, created new fabrics and remade classic Levi's pieces from our point of view", says Jubba.

Jubba Sam, from DOD Alfaiataria — Photo: Gabriel Ortiz

The designer also says that the jeans brand accompanied him throughout his life, especially in a period when there were fewer options for a body that didn't fit the norm.

"It's actually a piece that I still have. And it helped me a lot when it came to worrying about transforming a basic piece into a piece with good finishes, with care. This reflects how long it will last. DOD and Levi's have this in common, the attachment to detail, to the finish, which lasts a long time and complements the looks", comments the stylist.

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Melhor collab de 2023. 🖤

Júlia Bastos Neves

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